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Quick3DPlan Features:


Our software is designed to be accessible, even for those with no previous experience in design programs. Ease of use is a priority without sacrificing being a powerful tool for kitchen and bath retail stores.


Easy, fast, and precise placement of furniture, accessories, and fixtures. Custom closet assistant.


Real-time 3D images with materials, lights, and shadows.
Move the camera with the mouse and view your room from any angle.
Generate high-quality photorealistic images in resolutions up to 8K.


It allows printing plans and 3D views, as well as obtaining a list of furniture references and descriptions.


Maximize design possibilities by importing accessories directly from the SketchUp Warehouse and using original materials in the render to create a faithful and high-quality final image.


It features an architecture assistant to accurately enter the shape of the room, doors, windows, pillars, etc. Plus, over 500 different models of wall coverings and floorings.


Kitchen furniture. Kitchen accessories: tables, chairs, tableware, decoration… Sinks and appliances. Bedroom furniture and accessories. Bathroom furniture and accessories.

Recommended requirements:

Operating system: Windows® 10 64bits (version 1607 or higher). Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or higher. Please note that Quick3DPlan is not compatible with Linux, iOS or Android operating systems.

Processor: Intel i5 – i7 at 3GHz or higher (Currently not supported: “Intel Core Serie-X” , “Intel con Iris Xe GPU” y “Apple M).

Hard Drive: 300 MB of free space.

RAM: 4GB of RAM or higher.

DVD-ROM: Not required.

Mouse: 2-button mouse with a central scroll wheel.

Monitor: 17″ with a resolution of 1920×1080 (minimum resolution: 1360x768px)

Graphics Cards: Graphics card with at least 1GB of independent memory.


135,00 €44,99 €
6180,00 €219,99 €
12300,00 €399,99 €
*Taxes are not included.
1US$ 39,00US$ 40,99
6US$ 199,00US$ 189,99
12US$ 349,00US$ 344,99
*Taxes are not included.

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