Quick3DPlan and Quick3DCloset product comparison

Product comparison

Below you can see a product comparison table of our subscription-based kitchen, bath, and closet design programs: Quick3DPlan and Quick3DCloset.


Version for Windows and Mac. Yes No
Ability to install it on multiple computers and use it from any of them (one at a time). Yes Yes
Updates. Continuous updates Continuous updates
Furniture catalogs. Furniture for kitchen, bath, living room, and bedroom Bedroom and living room furniture
Appliance catalog. Yes No
Closet module. Basic closet module. Allows defining the quantity of modules, doors, and layout Quick3DCloset Closet Module. Template library, doors, structural modifications, manual and automatic distribution
Price and list of closets parts. No Yes
Report and list of kitchen cabinets and moldings. Yes No
Quick furniture catalog customizer. Yes No
High-quality rendering. Yes Yes
Allows importing objects from SketchUp®. Yes Yes